Month: March 2018

Genetic algorithm part 1: basic

Content page Part 1: Basic Genetic algorithm Part 2: Getting sample price data & ta-lib for node.js Part 3: Preparing important indexes/values Part 4: Portfolio selection; Target: outperform the market by 15%; not good enough Part 5: Evolution Strategy Part 6: Building Classifiers, buy, sell or hold? Part 7: to be announced note: I may revise content

Qt:Parsing a nested JSON

QJsonDocument doc; doc = QJsonDocument::fromJson(“{ ” ” \”city\”: \”London\”, ” ” \”time\”: \”16:42\”, ” ” \”unit_data\”: ” ” [ ” ” { ” ” \”unit_data_id\”: \”ABC123\”, ” ” \”unit_data_number\”: \”21\” ” ” }, ” ” { ” ” \”unit_data_id\”: \”DEF456\”, ” ” \”unit_data_number\”: \”12\” ” ” } ” ” ] ” ” }”); // This

Qt – Menu Bar with QMainWindow

Menu demo code Main.h #ifndef _MAINWINDOW_H #define _MAINWINDOW_H #include “ui_MainWindow.h” #include “Agents.h” class MainWindow : public QMainWindow { Q_OBJECT public: MainWindow(); virtual ~MainWindow(); private: Ui::MainWindow widget; Agents *agents; private slots: // functions void InitClass(); void InitConnect(); void FormClose(); void Agents(); }; #endif /* _MAINWINDOW_H */   Main.cpp #include “MainWindow.h” MainWindow::MainWindow() { widget.setupUi(this); InitClass(); InitConnect(); }

Creating Carthage for your iOS project

What is Carthage It is dependency package manager for iOS development and it is not intrusive like Cocoapod. Installation brew carthage How to create a Cartfile? To go the root of your project, create a file called Cartfile. github “Realm/realm-cocoa” == 3.2 github “SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON” ~> 4.0 Format origin UserName/Project ~> dependencyVersion == 1.0 means “Use exactly

iOS Tutorials

Creating iOS Framework and use Cocoapods for distribution Set up Carthage for distribution

Qt 4.8.x and Netbean 8.x on windows 10 with MinGW

It has been a while and no one really write this post. Netbeans 8.x Msys MinGW Qt open-source x86 MinGW 4.8.7 for Windows qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482-4.8.7.exe   Qt open-source x86 MinGW 5.10.1 for Windows   Environmental Path Add C:\Mingw\bin and [qt installation root]/bin to your Windows environment Path   Including Runtime Library Copy the stdc++ file

React.js – Central State Control: React-Redux

Content Page Installation Basic Introduction – Kickstarter Sonic boom your UI with Bootstrap 4 – Reactstrap Passing data with Props / State and lifecycle Navigation with React-Router Debugging Tool with React Development Tool Central State Control: Redux Hands-on time Calculated Data with Reselect Making a form with ReduxForm Refs GraphQL Get a serious in-depth book