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Setup SSH to connect to GCP

在 GCP 建立完 VM linux 後  (以 CentOS 7為例) VM linux 自動新增一個類似你的帳號先在 linux/Mac 下產生 private、public key: $ ssh-keygen -f mykeyfilename   Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):  (給這個 private key 一個密碼,可避免這組 private key被偷時的風險) Enter same passphrase again:  (再 key一次密碼) Your identification has been saved in mykey. Your public key has been saved

Empirical experiment for High-speed transaction Blockchain engine

We are currently conducting an empirical experiment on high speed transaction engine with Professor Tsai in National Taiwan Normal University(國立臺灣師範大學)in Taiwan.   The actual experiment is carried out in the High Performance Computing ( so-call super-computer) facility called Taiwania (台灣衫 at National Center of High Performance Computing). The aim of this experiment is to achieve a

Hello, World!

I’m extremely happy to announce the Serenium project. Serenium  is a project to create a new marketplace for tourism industry for the Internet, inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum. The most amazing part of Bitcoin is its innovation to open up a financial system which people who can gain access without obtaining permission from others and

Magento 2: Get Product By Sku and Id

This is the normal way to get Product, but not all the attributes are shown. It is better to use the third method where we convert our sku to Id and then get the full product. Method one: Using the Repository Service Contract I personally recommend using Interface as it is the Service Contract. private

Joyso exchange, Insider Market News:

  Currently Joyso Exchange in Taiwan is researching on the use of Neo and Qtum in additional to the current Ethereum smart contract. They are challenged with many competitors including Cobinhood, CryptoDT(綠界). CryptoDT recently launched their stability coin TWDT-ETH as Taiwan’s first. In response to CrytoDT’s current plan, Joyso CEO said Joyso will not join the

Bitcoin was Built by Crypto Anarchists

I want to remind everyone this kind of activity is expected and it is happening for several reasons. It does not mean “crypto is dying,” like the FUDsters tend to repeat ad nauseum. Certainly, there are disagreements on how to scale bitcoin and allow it to grow into maturity, but this does not mean the

TRON’s debut of mainnet

  TRON is counting down on its debut of its mainnet. It’s trying to persuade everyone that it’s not a vapor coin. What is a vapor coin? It means the coin itself normally is a token derived from the Ethereum ICO so its a derivative coin. And at the same time, this kind of “coin”

幣圈評論:Circle 為何成為獨角獸?區塊鏈虛擬幣長期持有價值是零?

【加密獨角獸|Circle】比特大陸領投Circle估值30億美金,並將發展穩定幣   USDT 被爆出有疑慮已經多時,高盛出手投資 Circle, 就是為了要取得這個重要的 “戰略樞紐”,簡直就是對 Tether 直接折翼。   為何說這是個重要的 戰略樞紐?因為 USDT 有允諾有儲備同等數量的 USD,所以可以保證如果是 USD轉USDT,以後想要轉回,不會有過度加水的疑慮,簡直儼然變成個 ”出海港口“ 的 ”中央銀行匯兌中心“。如果 Tether 真把自己當作中央銀行操作,那勢必他會想到 money multiplier 的重要性。但如果打破他自己1:1 的兌換儲備承諾,那就是自打嘴巴,讓 Circle 長驅直入。   真的把 money multiplier 做到很徹底的是 Ethereum。 想想看,你做個 ICO ,別人來用以太幣(e.g.1:6000)來買你的幣,你的幣又增值!這不只是做 money multiplier 而且還變相通膨?!   難怪美國和中國對 Ethereum ICO 下重手。中國央行將ICO視為非法融資 所以如果你有聽過 Ethereum 創始人 Vitalik 說過,他指出虛擬幣並不是可長期持有的貨幣,他可能隨時會掉到 Zero. 那你不經會想,如果創始人都這麼說,那是騙局嗎? 非也。 虛擬貨幣是個正在進化的物種,也就是每一代的世代進化非常迅速,每一代的價值會暴漲甚至暴跌。這是個時代的進步,把過去一般工業會花10年甚至20年的進化史縮短到3-5年。有人指出這樣的進化是不穩定的,虛擬的。但是我們永遠必須記住,所有的科技進步是為了服務商業模式,而商業模式最後的訴求還是回到人類的需求。也就是說,如果有正確的商業模式支持,區塊鏈中的 smart contract

Ethereum: Deploy Ethereum Smart Contract with Truffle

Let get started by creating a node.js application mkdir ~/Training/GreetingsTruffle cd ~/Training/GreetingsTruffle The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the use of Ganache and Truffle, so we only build a simple Greetings smart contracts. Please go to Truffle’s website to install your version of Truffle. In this tutorial, I’m using Mac. But the result

Ethereum: Deploy Ethereum Smart Contract without Truffle

We are using web3.js to create and manage our smart contract that will be placed in a Ethereum node. We will demonstrate how this is done without Truffle. Truffle is another abstraction layer relied on top of Ganache to provide even better control over creating smart contract. The tools we will use The most prominent tools