What is cross-chain?

What is cross-chain?

With the rise of Blockchain techhnology, there are many crypto currencies invented around the world. They serve different purpose at different geograpic location. However, exchanging them cost a lot of transaction fee and most of them are unable to be used to exchange for real goods and services in real life. The purpose of cross-chain solution is to connect different major blockchains, like bridging among islands.
These connection will provide benefits such as liquidity and usability of the cryptocurreny that you hold. And best of all, you can use them to buy real goods and services that you need in everyday life.


1. Blockchain

A shared, digital ledger where transactions are permanently recorded.


2. Ledger

A way of recording data in which the record cannot be altered.


3. Distribution

A distributed ledger is a type of database that is spread across many different computers.


4. Proof of work

An encryption called "hash" is added to the block as proof that the work has been done and the block has been mined.


5. Node

Any computer that connects to the blockchain network is called a node.


6. Miner

A computer that does the calculations involved in mining.

Mile Stone

Our important milestone.

Milestone Date Status
Setup Mini RD Team in Taipei 2021.08 schedule
AI Chain upgrades to v0.2 2021.06 schedule
Publish TestNode for community API 2021.05 schedule
Telegram prototype bot for payment 2020.04 schedule
BTC、USDT Integration 2020.10 completed
AI Chain v0.1 core development 2020.09 completed
Move HQ office and RD Team to Kaohsiung 2020.01 completed
Product Research v0.1 2019.01 completed

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