Empirical experiment for High-speed transaction Blockchain engine

We are currently conducting an empirical experiment on high speed transaction engine with Professor Tsai in National Taiwan Normal University(國立臺灣師範大學)in Taiwan.


The actual experiment is carried out in the High Performance Computing ( so-call super-computer) facility called Taiwania (台灣衫 at National Center of High Performance Computing). The aim of this experiment is to achieve a transaction through-out exceeding 35,000 transaction/sec. This will beat Visa’s current 35,000 transaction/sec.


The simulation is essential to our current current development of our own chain. Due to the nature of high-speed transaction, our algorithm for transaction verification will be custom-made too. All the core for our blockchain will be coded using Go Language for performance purpose.


Once the core blockchain is completed, it will be integrated into our Travel Platform.


A research paper will be released to the public for review.


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