Hello, World!

I’m extremely happy to announce the Serenium project.

Serenium  is a project to create a new marketplace for tourism industry for the Internet, inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The most amazing part of Bitcoin is its innovation to open up a financial system which people who can gain access without obtaining permission from others and yet the operations it involves can be discrete enough for people who understands it.

Many people follow the path of Bitcoin and start their purchase of building an Open Financial System. Dominant players like Ethereum, Ripple and many others start to play important parts in their own communities and in domains that their audiences are around the globe.

Serenium Team is working specifically on tourism industry where we are most familiar with. We have assembled a team of cryptographers, engineers and domain experts,  made scientific advances in the underlying mathematics, and built a working, domain-focused variant of the Blockchain software.

What we’ve done

What we’re soon releasing next month is a working “Travel Market Place”  Beta release for Hotel. Travel agents can upload their product  and connect to our live net. You can start your online travel agency and sell your products to other web buyers or other agents around the globe. But this is only a beginning. We will numeruos innovative products coming out soon with Blockchain capability.

There is still much work to be done before Serenium matures into an open system that people can rely on. The current software is still needing heavy development and consolidation from resource from different parties. This Market Place Beta release is solely for other domain experts and entrepreneurs around the world, who can help us inspect, debug, and improve the technology and who can learn how it works and how they can use it.

Due to different mentalities in tourism industry, everything we’re releasing today is not under an open source license but future blockchain technology will be carried out under an open source license.

Why do we do this?

I’ll be writing a series of blog posts in the coming days explaining different parts of the system, including how it works, our funding model, and how you can help, but for this first blog post I want to concentrate on the most important question: Why?.

Because travel industry should upgrade

There are many systems in the market in different countries. Some are old and out-dated, and some are cross-linking each others and this create chaotic situation for companies, engineers and domain experts alike. We are doing this so that a standard is made and an operation flow from publishing a product from hotels to the end-users are chained in the system. There will be no ambiguity anymore.

Because some people want privacy

There are actually a lot of people who want travel a lot and want to travel in private.

Privacy is about consent. (Quote from ZCash). We believe we can keep our privacy and freedom to travel as long as we do something about it.

Because some hosts want to accept Bitcoin or alt-coins

There are hotel providers who wants to accept Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. We do provide this service as a basis to prove that we are not just another system provider who just build a travel related software and claim to know Blockchain. There will be crypto-currency wallets at your service.

Because our system will be open for developers

Since we are setting up a standard, then developers will be able to propose and accept bounties to build on top of our system. They can even build localized services or flow and integrate it into our system. This should be the true spirit of Blockchain movement; people get to choose transparency, openness or privacy on their finger tips.

But… but… won’t bad guys use it?

Yes, but bad guys will use anything they can get a grip on. No matter what you do, they are able to do something about it. Our goal is not to invent something that bad guys can’t use, it is to invent something that can empower and uplift the billions of good people on this planet.

Join us!

These are the reasons why we are devoting these years of our lives to this project. We welcome your help and support. You can find our conversations at the Serenium Discord.


Coming soon: Official website re-renovation.

Coming soon: How is the Serenium project funded?

Coming soon: Project Roadmap & APP Beta Release



— Hamilton Wong, Oct 18, 2018

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