Joyso exchange, Insider Market News:


Currently Joyso Exchange in Taiwan is researching on the use of Neo and Qtum in additional to the current Ethereum smart contract. They are challenged with many competitors including Cobinhood, CryptoDT(綠界). CryptoDT recently launched their stability coin TWDT-ETH as Taiwan’s first.
In response to CrytoDT’s current plan, Joyso CEO said Joyso will not join the fight to create another stability coin to boost up their already-lacking exchange volume. Current ICO fundraise by their own can only last them for 1 to 2 years but their heavy dependence on earning transaction fee and service fee on helping others to launch ICO is predictably not a feasible long term trend for business. Their Team is strong with dedicated CTO and CEO helping to answer fans’ questions on telegram.


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