TRON’s debut of mainnet


TRON is counting down on its debut of its mainnet. It’s trying to persuade everyone that it’s not a vapor coin.

What is a vapor coin? It means the coin itself normally is a token derived from the Ethereum ICO so its a derivative coin. And at the same time, this kind of “coin” doesn’t have a mainnet and a sound business model to back it up.

So TRON is having it’s debut of mainnet to pursuance it’s believers and non-believers that it’s no more a vapor coin.

Let’s see what it got for its mainnet.  Looking at its Design Book of TRON Architecture on mainnet. We can see that it has the capability of launching ICO from its users. It’s a good feature, but China is currently banning ICO so its a really not the best time to have it.

State machine capability: TRON uses LevelDB to store smart contract’s state. This concept is not new. Programmers can write Solidity language to create their smart contract.

KhaosDB: this serves primarily for integration of its main chain and side chain. In another word, it supports its DApps such as Live Kitty. There are still very minimum of them but it’s a start.

TRON uses Google’s Protocol Buffer to supports multiple programming languages so that a majority of programmers can join in to use its API. It’s a google of thing.

Enough of say, you may find that TRON might successfully transform itself from vapor coin to another type of coin we call “Copycat Coin”. Well done TRON, you just successfully upgrade yourself to another version of Etheterum. Because the above mentioned functionalities are exactly the same as Ethereum’s.

Come on, do something different, would you?



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